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    A Simple Zoom App to Showcase Images

    Want to showcase your artwork but don't want to give away the image?

    I have a business called Wellingtons Travel and the only product at the moment is an old-fashioned London wall map. However; it's hard to show all the details of the map without giving away the high resolution image, which is why I created a mobile app designed to showroom images.

    WT app

    With the help of two developer friends (Inam and Matej), I made an iOS app that can showcase a single high resolution image in a powerful and branded way. You can play around with the app here.

    Features include:

    *pan and zoom an image

    *link out to a website or store

    *share functionality

    *annotation of artwork

    *iAds (disabled)

    *splash screen

    *custom fonts

    *welcome screen

    *custom popup message

    So if this sounds like something that you could use, I'd be happy to offer this as a white label solution. I'd just swap out the image, customise the app a bit with your style, and publish it for you. Contact me for a quote @taigeair!

    Best Bank in Germany

    Comdirect is the best bank in Germany. Many of my discerning friends agree and are already customers, but I'll just let the facts speak for themselves.

    Why Comdirect is the best bank?

    No monthly deposit minimum
    Many German banks require a salary deposit of 1000 euros or more every month or they will charge you a monthly fee. Not Comdirect.

    No monthly fee
    None. This lets you keep the bank account open even if you don't use it for a long time.

    Withdraw from any bank ATM
    Most German banks require you withdraw from their ATMs or pay a fee. Comdirect lets you use any bank's ATM without a fee.

    Great customer service
    Although there is no retail branch, short waiting times make the phone customer service experience exceptional. Although they're not allowed to speak English legally, sometimes they do and are just really friendly people.

    100 Euros for free
    For doing something you should be doing anyways (opening an account with Comdirect), they give you 100 Euros. That's got to be the easiest money I've ever made on a per minute basis. Simply make 5 transactions of at least 25 euros in the first 3 months of the account and they will transfer 100 euro into your account in month 4.

    Get a credit card
    Credit cards are hard to get in Germany for a newbie without credit history, but they will give you one. I got a prepaid one which sucked. Luckily I got one from American Express. Let me know if you want a referral for that. Contact me at @taigeair.

    Amazing financial products for cheap
    They have great saving accounts, term deposits, and stock brokerage accounts within their online banking suite.

    Open an account here

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