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Anonymous Delivery Service

I launched the world's only anonymous delivery service for Amazon. I'm curious what happens next.

Anonymous Delivery Service

So I've been working on LittleQuest, an anonymous social app that lets you go on quests with existing friends (i.e. play together, work on ideas and goals, helping one another). It's super MVP right now, but I like the concept and think it'll be a fun way to re-connect with friends. If you want to join the beta, check it out here.

And last week, I was thinking about all the cool levels and functionality you could unlock in the app. One thing I'd like to do is to anonymously thank my friends with a simple $1 thank you. Sometimes a friend helps you or needs a cheering up. Imagine what a joy it would be to receive a thank you in this way. In fact, you could send it to a friend, just because you're thinking of him or her. It makes me happy to know I'm making a friend feel appreciated. It's easy and doesn't cost much. Also it doesn't have to be money. Maybe a small thing of chocolate. What if we could do this now before we even release the app?

Well I did some research and found people are looking for an anonymous delivery service. In fact, it's super hard to give anonymous gifts. There aren't even services for it. Not only is it a lot of work, but also by asking for the address, you'd give you away. So I think there are people who would want this service. I don't know how many, but it wasn't too much work to make a website to support this, especially with my existing Wellingtons Travel business' infrastructure and reputation.

In conclusion, I'd like to announce the world's only anonymous delivery service for Amazon products... Wellingtons Travel's Secret Delivery Service!



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