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My Biggest Problem with Siri on iOS 7

This is my biggest complaint about Siri on iOS 7. I thought it’d be fixed by now but it doesn’t seem anyone cares or Apple isn’t hearing this feedback.

My biggest issue with iOS7 is that Siri covers your screen completely when it’s listening to you. This is immensely user unfriendly for me.

Many times I’ll tell Siri to call a number I’m reading either as an image on a website or even text that can’t be clicked. Or I’ll need to tell Siri some address I need to map to but when it’s listening it renders the screen useless.

I really don’t understand why Apple did this. Sure, translucency is cool and hip, but this is so unhelpful. There’s not even a way to turn this off.

Still waiting for a solution. Even this would be better. I hope I don’t need a smart watch just to read off my screen and talk to Siri at the same time.



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