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Coolest Productivity Web Startups for July 2013

Hey guys! I haven't reviewed startups and websites in a while but I feel like I need to. I'm a bit in love with a few of them. Here they are:

Web Apps

HackPad I save a lot of code and do a lot of version control by copying and saving it into a text file on my desktop. I think it'll be better on the cloud. This is a neat note taking and writing app that is also collaborative. Organize and share easily.

CodePen I do a lot of my design in the Chrome Developer Tools and Textmate, but I'm liking this cool way to code and preview your HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

MeetMe by Doodle Ever since unemployment, I've had to go to events to be social otherwise I'd just be in front of the computer all day. And no way am I going to work out of a Starbucks after living out of one for 3 months in London. I believe you can have too much of anything. Anyways, I've gotten into a habit of meeting two new, interesting people per week during this period. Never Eat Alone says, it takes one interaction outside of the initial meeting to become loose ties. I remember back in Apple London it was so easy to go out for lunch with interesting people. The office was right at Oxford Circus and it was great. I've also started researching stocks more. I'm really loving this Toronto startup that makes researching the financial market a lot more usable and beautiful.

Web Designs


Help is a company that tries to help you with random and well designed remedies. I like their design and interactivity. Something to think about.

parallax website

Everylastdrop is a cool parallax scrolling website. I'm learning how to make one for fun. This is a good one to play around with and reference. Built using skrollr.



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