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Homeless Entrepreneurs Might Like This: CouchSurfing for Startup Folks

Here's an interesting idea CouchSurfing for entrepreneurs. Startup Stay allows entrepreneurs to avoid youth hostels and save money by staying with like-minded business folk.

Startup Stay lets its members find hosts to stay or arrange coffee meetings with. Unlike CouchSurfing which can be frustrating to use and Airbnb which can be fun and friendly, but costily. This is a great alternative to people who want to save money and meet new connections in business.

"We want to make sure that we spark new connections, friendships and collaborations as a result of entrepreneurs meeting face to face," Co-Founder Fred Caballero said. "The value is in the unique network experiencing, being able to gain insight not only for your business but other businesses and the city you're traveling to."

Based in TechHub London at Google Campus, it is invite only. Though it is open to all kinds of entrepreneurs, 70% are in the tech industry. This is something very appealing to me and I can't wait to try it out. My profile is here.



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