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Powerful Tool for Leisure Travellers to Save Money,

I just got invited to use and really like it. I actually updated my SecretFlights website to include it.

GetGoingĀ is a YC startup that allows leisure travellers who are flexible in terms of where to go to get up to 40% in discounts on airfare. They even help you find new and exciting destinations around the world to visit.

How it works Choose TWO destinations: 1. Pick flights to each destination based on what YOU want - know the times and prices upfront 2. Find out which ONE destination you're going to after you pay up to 40% less than anywhere else!

This was a startup idea that I wanted to do but never found the team and resources to start so I'm extremely excited Alek and Co. is able to pull it off. They have my full support.

What I think would be very cool is if GetGoing became more of lifestyle brand like Airbnb. I'd really like getting points for travelling with them and if I could earn points elsewhere to use on their website, it'll be really nice. I'd also like if they could bring back standby flights, where you'd get a notification that one of the places you'd like to see is available on the same day and then you'd just fly off because adventure called. Another use case is if you have a week of free time (let's say in between jobs) and would like to go anywhere as long as it's cheap and interesting, you'd use this service to get away.

The US market is a bit tricky because unlike Europe you can't just fly for 2 hours and have an awesome getaway. In general it should be a blessing to adventurous travellers who want to save some money too. Compare this with how GermanWings does it and it's low pricing.



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