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A Simple Zoom App to Showcase Images

Want to showcase your artwork but don't want to give away the image?

I have a business called Wellingtons Travel and the only product at the moment is an old-fashioned London wall map. However; it's hard to show all the details of the map without giving away the high resolution image, which is why I created a mobile app designed to showroom images.

WT app

With the help of two developer friends (Inam and Matej), I made an iOS app that can showcase a single high resolution image in a powerful and branded way. You can play around with the app here.

Features include:

*pan and zoom an image

*link out to a website or store

*share functionality

*annotation of artwork

*iAds (disabled)

*splash screen

*custom fonts

*welcome screen

*custom popup message

So if this sounds like something that you could use, I'd be happy to offer this as a white label solution. I'd just swap out the image, customise the app a bit with your style, and publish it for you. Contact me for a quote @taigeair!



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