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Skypicker - Europe's Low Cost Air Tickets Search Engine

Skypicker is an awesome low cost airfare search engine for Europe that was launched earlier this year. It has a simple UI that allows you to see what flights are available from any city or country. Hovering over deals, you can find your flight path. The search is fast and the prices are... well it's like the price of a movie ticket.

This will be a strong competitor to Skyscanner, Opodo and Kayak for flight searches in Europe.

While it's great to find cheap deals and search low cost carriers, the wow factor here is Skypicker allows travellers who don’t care about specific date to find good deals.

Interestingly, Skypicker doesn't do the booking itself but they say on their site: "This way users can be sure they’re getting the lowest price without any commission."

Don't they get commission for sending traffic the same way Kayak who also doesn't do direct booking does? It looks like they currently aren't set up for that. Either way, the consumer doesn't pay the commission and that line is misleading. Consumers expect you to make money if you're a business, don't shy away from it or mislead.

Just a note. I hate Ryanair and would avoid it at all costs. I'd pay 3X more for the same flight. It's a long story. So for me to use this site, would require them to add a filter where I can filter out evil companies like Ryanair. Never fly with them. You'll pay more. Deal with a lot of shit. Be extremely inconvienced. Hate the people you're flying with. Despise the experience. And get treated like shit. It's not worth it.

Add a filter.



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